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Renowned education reformer John Dewey once said “education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” As a teacher educator and university academic, I strongly believe that I am in a powerful position to contribute to education through my teaching, research, service and life. In addition to the belief that research informs teaching, a commitment to serving the student population, university community and to the general public through my professional and personal life, has shaped my philosophy of education.


Why did I become a teacher and academic?

As a child I was told that there is only one thing that can never be taken from you by other people - knowledge. I have since come to respect people who create and share knowledge with others. This, I consider to be the most meaningful thing a person can do in his or her life. Being a teacher has been an ambition for as long as I can remember. The gratification I get as I observe that wonderment of discovery and enlightenment when someone has learnt something new from me, is the fundamental motivation for becoming a teacher.


What is my belief about teaching and learning?

Teaching does not result in learning.

At the beginning of the week Charlie Brown placed a bet with his friends that he could teach Snoopy to sing at the end of the week. His friends who were so confident that they will win agreed to the wager. On Friday Snoopy still couldn't sing. When they asked Charlie Brown for the money, he said that he had done his part to teach Snoopy to sing but he did not say he was going to make sure Snoopy learned how to sing!

As a teacher my role to be be a "guide by the side" in facilitation learning. Questioning is a very important aspect of my teaching. And asking the right question can help students think in the right direction, consequently resulting in learning.

But there is another important ingredient in this act of teaching - PASSION. It is the fire the fuels the insatiable desire to learn. If you want to know what PASSION is, COME to my class!

You can catch a glimspe of my teaching through my teaching blog - a reflective platform for my practice and you can also eroll for my courses.


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