Continuing Education

These include in-service courses and workshops conducted as part of professional development and continuting Education. Some of these courses are accessible through the navigtaion panel.


The list of all CE courses taught include:

* indicates a course that Dr. Chang has coordinated (developed the curriculum)


*IHS2225: Dispelling Students' Misconceptions About Climate Change – A Teacher Professional Learning Experience 

* IHS2200 Introduction to Assessment for Learning 

*IHS2181 The hole in the sky is causing global warming? Re- Presenting conceptual understanding for climate change

*IHS2153: Alternative Assessment for Geography 

*IHS2055: Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning of Geography

*IHS2001: TLLM Ignite IBL Workshop

*IHS2115: Teaching Map Reading through IT

*IHS2019: Learning physical Geography through Inquiry based learning

*IHS2020: Physical Geography for Geography Elective (Combined Humanities)

IHS2022: Learning Physical Geography through Movies

IHS2139: Learning Physical Geography through Movies for "A" level Geography 

*IHS2030: Selected Aspects of Atmospheric Processes for "A' level Geography

*IHS2039: Current Topics in Lower Secondary Geography 

*IHS2068: Physical Geography Content Lectures for 2007 New/Revised Upper Secondary Geography Syllabuses 

*IHS2073: Transport And Communication And Managing The Changing Environment For Lower Sec Geography 

*IHS2001: Teaching Selected Aspects of Climatology 

*ABM005:  Introduction to ICT

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