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Since 2002 Dr. Chang has either been the Principal Investigator or collaborator of 9 research projects from both internal and external agencies totaling over a million dollars. Information on his research projects can be found on this website. Dr Chang has published in books, book chapters, internationally referred journal articles, served as editor for special issues and reviewer for various journals and books. Samples of publication can be found in the Publications section of this website. Dr. Chang's journal articles were published in internationally refereed journals such as the Educational Media International, International Journal in Geographical and Environmental Education, Research in Geography Education, Journal of Geography and International Journal on Climatology. His sole authored book on the use of ICT in learning, Engaging learning through the internet: WebQuests in the humanities classroom which was published by Pearson Prentice Hall in 2007 has since been reviewed in the International Journal in Geographical and Environmental Education in 2008 (volume 1, issue 4). The book reviewer has succinctly highlighted the feature of the book which reflects his philosophy in education. To quote “it is my opinion that this single book would still be of benefit to both academic and school audiences”.


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