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Dr. Chang Chew Hung works in geography and environmental education. He is concurrently the Associate Dean for Professional Development, at the Office of Graduate Studies & Professional Learning,and an Associate Professor of Geography Education with the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) from the National University of Singapore where he was also awarded the National University of Singapore Geographical Society Gold Medal for coming in top at the class. He obtained a Research Scholarship from the National Institute of Education and became the first research scholar of the Division of Geography to obtain a Master of Arts Degree. He obtained his PhD in the area of web-based learning environments. 

Prof Chang's key teaching areas are in Physical Geography and Geography Education. Prof Chang was awarded the NIE excellence in teaching commendation in 2002 and continues to play a curriculum leadership role in the areas of Geography and Geography Education. His teaching areas are aligned to his research interests which include urban climates, global climate change, climate change education, technologies in geography teaching and learning, geography curriculum and assessment, and teacher professional development in Geography. Prof Chang has published widely in the areas of geography, geographical education and environmental education. Check the research section on the website on his latest publications.

Prof Chang is the President of the Southeast Asian Geography Association, in addition to being the Co-Chair of the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education. He also previously served on the Executive Committee of the Geography Teachers' Association of Singapore and is an active member of the National Council for Geographic Education, Education Research Association Singapore and  American Association of Geographers . He is the Co-Editor of the journal International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education (IRGEE) and is the Intrenational Editor of the journal Review in Geographic Education online (RIGEO) for the Asia and Oceania region. Prof Chang also serves as a member of the editorial board of the journal Humanities and Social  Studies  Education online and is a member of the scientific committee of the journal J-Reading - Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography. His work in sustainability education has extended beyond his research in Climate Change Education to leading the Network of Education for Sustainability in Asia, that is organised from the NTU Sustainable Earth Office.


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AAG10A - Elements of Physical Geography

12/08/2015 12:24
A warm welcome to students of this course.    I have aggregated some useful resources for your use if you are taking this course with me this semester. On this news articles will be links to additional resources that are also in the BB module.   So start your adventure with...

Book Review on Climate Change Education: Knowing, Doing an Being

13/01/2015 09:07
The following book review was published in the January 2015 issue of CHOICE connect, A publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries - A division of the American Library Association : This book offers a succinct view of the issue of addressing the...

Book on climate change education published.

10/04/2014 10:59
Climate Change Education - Knowing, doing and being   Check out my new book published with Routledge  

G.I. DOE - A workshop to get you ready for teaching the 21st century geography learner

12/09/2013 12:32
G.I. DOE https://goo.gl/n8z9TV G.I. DOE. Nope this is not a typo of GI JOE. I refer to Geographical Investigation (G.I.) and DOE (Desired Outcomes of Education). What has teaching my student geography got to do with these two MOE initiatives? It is perhaps time to take a step back and ask ourselves...

HSSE Online

25/04/2013 08:53
Check out the publication of Volume 2, Issue 1 (April 2013), HSSE Online (https://www.hsseonline.edu.sg/). There’s a little bit of something in this issue for everyone! Keith Barton (Indiana University) highlights the role of “magic words” to support writing as a tool for learning in humanities...
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