Graduate Supervision

At present I am supervision one Masters (in SS) and a PhD student in Geography Education and I have co-supervised a Master in Life Sciences student who has since graduated. For prospective studentes, the following are my areas of interests:


  • Climate Change Education
  • Social media & learning
  • Socio-cultural context of web based learning
  • Digital technologies in learning geography
  • Teacher professional development in Geography

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested to discuss potential graduate reserach projects.

Graduate Courses

Dr. Chang also teaches the following courses:

  • *MED827: Issues and Research in Geographical Education 
  • *MAS811: Urban Environmental Planning and Management
  • MAS 841: Field inquiry in Physical Geography
  • MLS830: Integrated Management Systems 


* indicates a course that Dr. Chang has coordinated (developed the curriculum)


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