Teaching Map Reading through IT

Here are a few resources that will be useful for this course.

You can access the files in the relevant folder below:


Google Earth Activities from the workshop participants:





Here are some takeaways:


"I have learnt a range of tolls in Google Earth"

"I've learnt how to make teaching map reading more exciting and interesting through using GE. It is very interesting to be 'brought' to the places virtually."

"Can't wait to share with my pupils. It's so exciting to be able to locate the places on Google Earth"

"Today I have learnt some basics of GE and I have gained some insights on how to harness and incorporate the use of GE to teach landscape interpretation"

"GE can bring the field to the students, giving them the physical and cultural context of maps"

"I've learnt make GE relevant to classroom teaching. I enjoyed the lesson very much"

"At last the topo map has come alive"

"I've learnt hot o use GE to aid students visualise and gather information to construct explanations"

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