Keynote Addresses

  1. Chang, C.H.(2019, MAR). Learning Geography in Challenging Times – learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. Keynote Address, EUROGEO annual meeting 2019, Paris, France.
  2. Chang, C.H.(2018, DEC). Current Situation on Environment and Sustainability Education in Geography Curriculum in Singapore. Keynote Address, Environmental Education and Sustainability Education 2018, Shanghai, China.
  3. Chang, C.H.(2018, AUG). STEM Education that matters – for whom? An argument for geographical thinking. Keynote Address, Monash University STEM literacies and capabilities, Melbourne, Australia.
  4. Chang, C.H. & Kidman, G.(2018, MAR). Geography and sustainability - a powerful partnership. Keynote Address, Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
  5. Chang, C.H.(2017, DEC). Teacher Professional Learning that matters – a Singapore perspective. Keynote Address, Hanoi National University of Education International Conference on Malaysia and Singapore experiences in pre-service and in-service training for teachers, lecturers and educational managers, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
  6. Chang, C.H.(2017, MAY). Teaching and Learning Geography for the 21st Century - knowledge and capabilities. Keynote Address, Curriculum Planning & Development Geography Symposium 2017, Singapore.
  7. Chang, C.H.(2017, MAY). Teaching and Learning Geography for the future – knowledge and competencies. Keynote Address, 21st Taiwan International Geography Academic Conference, Taipei, Taiwan.
  8. Chang, C.H.(2015, OCT). Powerful knowledge and climate change education. Keynote Address, 4th Annual International Conference on Geological and Earth Sciences, Singapore.
  9. Chang, C.H.(2012, MAR). Climate Change begins at home - the case in Singapore. Keynote Address, Camp Success 2012 Mayflower Secondary School, Singapore.
  10. Chang, C.H.(2008, NOV). Innovation, Discovery & Enterprise 2.0. Keynote Address, River Valley High School Learning Festival: Innovation, Discovery and Enterprise, Singapore.
  11. Chang, C.H.(2006, FEB). Treat for e-Learning - Learning with Instruction: Theory into practice. Keynote Address, Instructional Design TREAT for e-Learning, ITE College West ET (Educational Technology) Convention, Singapore.


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