Professional Development

These include in-service courses and
workshops conducted as part of professional development. Some of these courses are accessible through the navigtaion panel.


The list of all PD courses taught include:

* indicates a course that Dr. Chang has coordinated (developed the curriculum)


*IHS2225: Dispelling Students' Misconceptions About Climate Change – A Teacher Professional Learning Experience (2016)

* IHS2200 Introduction to Assessment for Learning (2014)

*IHS2181 The hole in the sky is causing global warming? Re- Presenting conceptual understanding for climate change
education (2013)

*IHS2153: Alternative Assessment for Geography (2010)

*IHS2055: Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning of Geography (2010)

*IHS2001: TLLM Ignite IBL Workshop (2009)

*IHS2115: Teaching Map Reading through IT (207- 2009)

*IHS2019: Learning physical Geography through Inquiry based learning (2006)

*IHS2020: Physical Geography for Geography Elective (Combined Humanities) (2004 - 2005)

IHS2022: Learning Physical Geography through Movies (2003 - 2006)

IHS2139: Learning Physical Geography through Movies for "A" level Geography (2007)

*IHS2030: Selected Aspects of Atmospheric Processes for "A' level Geography (2005)

*IHS2039: Current Topics in Lower Secondary Geography (2005)

*IHS2068: Physical Geography Content Lectures for 2007 New/Revised Upper Secondary Geography Syllabuses (2006)

*IHS2073: Transport And Communication And Managing The Changing Environment For Lower Sec Geography (2005 -2006)

*IHS2001: Teaching Selected Aspects of Climatology (2001)

*ABM005:  Introduction to ICT

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