Typhoon Megi/Juan

20/10/2010 10:56

Over the last weekend, there was a light haze over Singapore so my friends asked me why this was so. I took my god-brother's ipad and looked up the MSS haze monitoring website and showed them the hotspots. One of them who was planning to travel to Hong Kong this week, pointed out to a tropical storm system just off the coast of the Philippines. I pulled up the JMS webpage and ran an animation to show them that it was a typhoon. He asked if his trip to HK will be affected. I told him I was unsure as the path seemed to veer more northerly than north-easterly. But that was only the beginning of a Mega Megi Storm!

The system seems to be pulling in clouds from the southern hemisphere and pushing the clouds as far north as 50 deg N. If you look at the animation, it appears at first glance a mega weather system spanning 60 degrees of latitude!

As of today, the storm has reached CAT4 and I have put the animation of the past 24 hours on youtube as a teaching resource.


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