Thinking about Professional Development in Geography

24/03/2009 16:35

I have been thinking about how professional development for Geography teachers can be enahnced. This is also in line with one of the goals of my study trip. So I posted an online survey on polldaddy at

The questions asked included:


1.     Describe what you understand by the term “Professional Development for Geography Teachers”.

2.     In your opinion, what is the purpose of PD?

3.     Who are the stakeholders in PD? What role do they play?

4.     What are some ways in which PD is carried out? Workshops? School based, mass lectures? Which do you think is most effective? Why?

5.     Are there any cultural, social understandings that shape PD? For example, school culture, MOE initiatives?

6.     Can you describe what successful PD in Geography will result in?


If you look carefully, you can see that I am approaching it from an activity theory perspective.



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