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28/05/2008 21:01

On 23 May 2007, Check Siew and I shared out experience about the school attachment I did from Januray to march this year. We spoke suring the staff contact time and I was very heartened to see many nods of agreement with the problems, suggestions and learning points we shared. I have listen some of our takeaways here too:


  • Many of the things I teach at NIE will work despite what my trainees tell me.
  • It’s a matter of thinking through carefully and customizing.
  • How much and when to do – to meet own targets
  • Yes, it can be tough and tedious; No, not if you work with someone.
  • Timing of the attachment – good because of new syllabus
  • Term one is good timing for attachment
  • Overall learning experience is important
  • Tap on your own strength in your groups
  • So that you can try out on your own later
  • After teaching for a long time – the experience of having someone looking at it differently is refreshing
  • It is a Win-win situation


In summary we also pointed out about:


  • Content drives pedagogy
  • Thinking on one’s feet
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Working with someone

We will adpat the sharing session as a sharing for a forthcoming forum at SEAGA 2007 ( Do join us there!


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