Oral Defence and grade anxiety

31/10/2011 08:42

Today marks the last group of oral defense for ACG321. This time I have decided to do individual oral defense of their unit plans. An interesting observation is that despite the numerous attempts at reassuing them that the oral defense to help them improve thier own understanding of the unit planning process, rather than just another assignment, they are still very nervous. Perhaps this is really due to the heavy emphasis that people put on grades. Grade anxiwety as it is commonly known is the feeling of nervousness, uneasiness and great concern over academic measurement of performance. Grade anxiety may lead to the loss of pleasure in learning, as the focus becomes on the outcome of grades rather than on the learing itself. It may also result in less efficient cognitive functioning as anxiety reduces one's ability to concentrate. In addition the preoccupation with performance menas that fewer cognitive resources are available for the oral defense. Of course the anxiety will also lead to physical and psychological stress. I must think abou thow the grade anxiety can be reduced in future batches.


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