02/06/2006 17:02

“Hi Dr Chang, Just want to say that you did a wonderful job despite of the constraints you faced (like your cold). Your lecture is very comprehensive, with lots of interesting video (although I think it is a bit too overwhelming by the end, especially the 3 in 1 slide) and resources, your humour, your time management (A**) and most important of all, your ability to inspire people. One friend of mine even mention that she got so inspired that she even read up on more things online that very same night. And she was very eager to share what she found out today when I saw her again. And some of my friends even said that they were disappointed that you were not lecturing today.
Now that the results are out, I feel that I can say this now. That GEO module was the best I had in doing my Masters in NIE. It makes my decision to pursue the masters at this stage worthwhile. It might be partly because of my own interest but I think it is also because of the way the course is ran. It is not an easy module to take and have LOTS of reading but everytime I leave the room, I feel good cos I felt that I had learnt something and most importantly, I always felt inspired and a bit more reflective and critical of my own teaching. And believe me, it is darn difficult to feel inspired at 9.00pm after a whole day of work but I felt it anyway!
I have to admit that I was curious to see how you handle such a huge group of people with such a range of abilities. I don't know exactly what it is that you have or how did you do it but at the end of the day, you seem to have the ability to inspired at least some people to get interested and involved even in a crowd of people who has such diverse experience, background and reasons to be there. I can't help envying you for that! But you have given me something to work towards and reminded me the importance of being passionate about what I am doing so as to inspire my own students.
Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it! I think you are a wonderful teacher! And I hope that I have the chance to learn from you again;) Thank you for all your effort, XXX ”


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