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25/04/2013 08:53

Check out the publication of Volume 2, Issue 1 (April 2013), HSSE Online (https://www.hsseonline.edu.sg/). There’s a little bit of something in this issue for everyone!

Keith Barton (Indiana University) highlights the role of “magic words” to support writing as a tool for learning in humanities education. James Damico (Indiana University) offers several literacy strategies that can be employed in source work to help students evaluate claims and evidence. Chew Hung Chang (HSSE, NIE) provides a framework to help teachers better understand concepts necessary for planning and teaching climate change. Elissa Goh from New Town Secondary School features a school-based action research study that found fieldwork to be crucial in helping students appreciate local environments and understand the need for environmental management. Rindi Baildon (Singapore American School) outlines the ways she and her 10-11 year old students use the concept of significance to integrate language arts and social studies, help students organize their learning, and promote appreciation of the importance of key groups and individuals in their communities.


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