Happy Teachers' Day

05/09/2014 07:02

Wishing all my teachers, teacher friends and my student-teachers a happy teachers' day.

On this day I received two very meaningful gifts. They were emails from my student and ex student. I am really thankful for their generous comments. To me this is the greatest type of gift of all.

From a current student:

On my way to school, I saw the clouds GROWWWW bigger and get darker. I could feel the cold wind across blowing across my face. I told myself that it'll rain in 15 minutes, and guess what? It did!! HAHA. You see Prof Chang, the difference you have made in your role as an Educator! Indeed, I'm really not kidding on this, but you're one of the most inspiring teachers I've crossed paths with, and I can't be more thankful for that. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY, and have a great one! :)

From an ex student:

Dear Dr Chang,

I just want to wish you a Happy Teachers' Day. Thank you for your guidance when I was an undergrad in NIE. I will never forget how you conduct your lesson by asking us question, probing us to think further.

Thank you for your effort and contribution in developing me as an educator.

Take care and enjoy your day!


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