G.I. DOE - A workshop to get you ready for teaching the 21st century geography learner

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G.I. DOE. Nope this is not a typo of GI JOE. I refer to Geographical Investigation (G.I.) and DOE (Desired Outcomes of Education). What has teaching my student geography got to do with these two MOE initiatives? It is perhaps time to take a step back and ask ourselves what our jobs are about?

Do we teach the syllabus or do we teach a child? No, it is not a trick question but yes, the answer is we teach both the subject matter and the child.

"Preparing a GeoCapable student for the 21st century: Interpreting the Geography 2235 and Combined Humanities 2204 syllabi" is a workshop that will explore issues to these two questions raised.

GeoCapabilities is an international collaborative project that provides teachers worldwide a common "vocabulary" to enegage the teaching and learning of  geography as it imparts a “powerful knowledge” and an essential perspective for life and citizenship in a highly interdependent world.

This workshop will be conducted by a renowed Geography Educator Dr Michael Solem, who has been invovled in many gegoraphy education agencies such as the International Geographic Union and teh American Assocation of Geographers (AAG). Perspectives from a collaboration between theAAG, the Institute of Education in London and the University of Helsinki on how to apply the capabilities approach for understanding the new Geography 2235 syllabus and the Geography paper from the Social Studies 2204 syllabus will be shared. 

In particular, the workshop will address persepctives of Geographical Inquiry (GI) and the Desired Outcomes of Education (DOE). This workshop will enable you to help students ask geographical questions, develop geographical understanding, and make informed judgments and sound decisions through the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of geographical information. The course will also be designed with professional dialogues and hand-on activities in mind to enable the participant to take away practical resolutions to their interpretation of the new syllabi.

Check out the full outline: https://goo.gl/n8z9TV


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