First lesson with this batch of PGDEs

26/08/2008 22:00

I feel great! It was a very engaged session. Maybe a couple of them felt sleepy at some point but by and large we had a very engaged conversation about the "who" are the learners in this course. Off hand I can remember a few characters who left an impression. I shall use pseudonyms here...

Bee Bee told us of her background in Psychology. Sha taught in a primary school for a while. Carie organized team building sessions in her previous job. Christie comes with English and Sociology majors. Guo and Zen are from PE but both have Honours in Geography. Han has done white-water rafting but prefers human Geography. Shaban likes diversity and difference. Bal went back to her alma mater for the ESE and took a thousand pictures of one blow hole. One of the two mins volunteered for the deep dive. Lane was crossed I couldn't remember her name.

That's all I can recall for now. But the diversity of the group was in itself a celebration of the talents that our educational system has produced. I am so looking forward to next session on Friday.

Just before we left, Han posed a question after looking at some sample assignments. She commented "I'm not sure if teachers use lesson plans into teaching". I asked her to raise the issue when everyone was around the next time. In short I told her that teachers with experience have an intuitive lesson plan built in when they teach. That lesson plans are highly useful guiding structures for beginning teachers. Let's see what the rest have to say when we next meet.

so long for now.


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