Teaching Leadership

24/08/2010 17:04

“Dear Chew Hung,
After sitting in the classes last semester, I learned a lot about teaching skills and how these approaches help to improve students’ learning.
One of the best approaches is to have students write down what they have learned from class during the last 10 minutes of each lecture, and randomly pass their notes to other classmates. Then students are asked to read notes from their fellow classmates. The approach helps students to refresh and digest content of lectures. Reading notes from students can not only reflect what they have learned but also help lecturers understand what information is not well delivered to students.
Another approach is to have good interaction with students. I noticed when you had conversation with students and randomly asked questions to them, they paid much more attention to the lecture. The approach helped them to focus on the subjects and memorize the contents of each lectures.
There are some other ways you used for teaching, and all the approaches are awesome and fantastic. This semester I adopt some of your approaches in class, and the feedbacks from students are good. Hence I would like to say thank you. Thanks for your teaching skills, I learn how to improve my teaching and inspire students’ enthusiasm in studying.


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