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08/08/2008 15:35

I have been invited to give a talk at the

Public Forum on "Environmental / Climate Change and Biodiversity "

Jointly organised by the Singapore Institute of Biology & Singapore Science Centre

Saturday 23 August 2008, 9am - 12:30 pm
Maxwell Auditorium, Singapore Science Centre

Here is a synopsis of the talk I will give:

Cities and Climate Change: the issue of policy response and mitigation.

by Professor Ooi Giok Ling (Professor, NIE,NTU) and Dr Chang Chew Hung (Ast/P NIE, NTU)

Cities are physical, social and cultural co-constructs which have become conspicuous landscapes, in terms of their footprint, against the backdrop of global environmental issues. In the age of global warming and climate change awareness and activism, the conventional way of regarding cities must change to respond to the concerns of rising temperatures, more frequent storms, incidence of natural hazards, altered biophysical environments and their impact on society. This presentation will outline the main areas of physical and social impact, with particular focus on cities such as, Singapore. While predictions and forecasts of future climate are less than optimistic, there is much that can be done at societal and individual levels to address and perhaps, even reverse the impacts of climate change.

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