Climate and Climate Change for A Levels

04/03/2008 17:26

Last Thursday was Session 2 of 2 for a course titled "Climate and Climate Change for A Levels" that was conducted at Teachers' Network. The sessions went well and I must say that despite the lack of time to cover the range of topics that the teachers' wanted I managed to convince and impress upon the teachers three broad essential questions to guide their further reading into the issues:


1. What causes climate to change on earth?
2. How does climate change affect the physical and human environment?
3. What can we do about it?

Ebe suggested an interesting way to look at these three questions (for other topics as well):

1. What makes the earth tick?
2. What makes the earth sick?
3. How do we "lick" the problem?

This must surely be an indication that Lay Cheng's course on inquiry based learning has paid off.


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