Birthday Surprise

14/11/2009 09:48

My PGDE class for Geography Teacher Trainnes sprung me a surprise birthday party this week. I was very happy indeed. What made me feel so good was not the fact that they baked their own cake, and went through so much trouble to put this party together but the fact that they treated me more than just a teacher. To them, I was a friend. It showed me that I have indeed gained much rapport with them and from their comments on a birthday blog they created for me, I knew that my teaching has reached another level. I was not just a trainer or instructor, but I was indeed a teacher... someone who cared and someone who is a friend to them.


Here are some interesting wishes they sent me.... just to share...


dear Dr Chang, 生日快乐!!!(you definitely dont look your age! no negative connotations intended!! aha) Its always a joy waking up on Mons and Thurs because we'll never have to worry about breakfast! and of course not to forget the regular dosage of fun and laughter ...and the inspiration and knowledge that we gain from the class. You've always given us much food for thought every lesson and that really keeps us thinking deeply about how we can apply what we've learnt in class to our future classes.

wishing u all the best for the future ahead. thanks for being such a wonderful teacher for our geog lessons. keep on grooming and influencing future student teachers to become thinking and passionate teachers!


You must be thinking, "I'm not a medical doctor doctor..."
To us, you probably ARE a 'pedagogical doctor' of sorts... That's after 10 weeks or more of:

1. injecting lots of humour and fun in class
2. prescribing us big ideas and concoctions of teaching pedagogies
3. advising us on classroom management skills
4. supervising us trainees as we performed assigned tasks
5. and, curing 15 of us from tummy growls at 830am in the morning

Have a blast today doctor!




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