Any Questions

02/09/2008 18:00

In an attempt to avoid having no questions at all, I ended today's session with an exercise in which everyone had to generate ONE question. I ended up with 14.

Several important questions were raised but a main concern I heard was the need to reconcile the need to produce results (in relation to national exams) and the desire and ideal of empowering learners. This is a theme that occurs with each batch. Whether this is due to the experience gained during contract teaching and ESE or through opinions shared by their seniors, I will be unable to tell. But the concern is valid and warrants some further discussion. I shall blog more about it as we discuss the issue further in the coming lessons.

There is also the fixation on "Knowing is not the same as being". After saying this phrase the last session, it has been picked up and quoted by no less than 2 individuals in the class. Perhaps I should write more about the need for learning for being vs learning for knowing....

What is being?


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