A chat with Matt Hamilton, Developing Regions Membership Program Coordinator

29/04/2009 07:57

It's day 2 at the AAG and I have settled in. I work from Michael Solem's office conference table. AAG staff are situated in a very cosy building on 16th Street NW with 3 storeys, a basement and an attic. The pantry is in the basement where Michael and I have been having lunch for the last couple of days. The first storey has a large conference room in the front and offices in the back. Offices populate the 2 other storeys and the attic.

Over the last two days, I have been working with Michael on the AAG Center for Global Geography Education. While Michael works on editing the modules, I was experimenting on the navigation system for this online portal for Gegoraphy learning modules for university undergraduate studies. Michael has also introduced me to all the staff members at AAG and been chatting with me about Singapore's education system and the place of Geography in our curriculum. Working in the same room means lots of opportunities to talk about all aspects of Geography Education.

This afternoon I spoke with Matt Hamilton, Developing Regions Membership Program Coordinator about the My Community, Our Earth Project: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development (MyCOE) project. The project is a partnership to encourage youth to use geographic tools and concepts to address local issues of sustainability. It is an outreach programme in which the mission of the project is to help people build networks in ESD. I promised that I will bring the message back to SEAGA and invited him to consider bringing some delegates for the Hanoi meeting in 2010.

More work tomorrow.


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