20/04/2010 09:57

I recall a very engaging session at the AAG where Professor Sarah Bednarz and her team used the mATSI inventory to assess student attitudes to human Geography. I just read up on it and created a modified mATSI, sort of a mmASTI to study the attitudes of teachers using Web 2.0 for teaching and learning Geography. If you are a Geography teaching and using Web 2.0, you may help me by completing this survey at:

Click HERE for survey

Your helkp will be much appreciated.


Photographs from Washington DC

16/04/2010 13:29


Here are some photographs from the past few days. Enjoy.



AAG Meeting 2010

15/04/2010 19:26


I have finally presented my papers at the paper session on Mobile Devices and Fieldbased learning on Geography and the panel session on climate change education initiatives with the AAG. What's interesting is the networking rather than the paper presentations. Apparently, someone who attended my sessions went on to tell their colleague about my work and they came looking for me to talk about theirs. Small world even for a conference with over 8000 attendees. Well, I used the opportunity to publicise the SEAGA meeting in Hanoi. Let's hope that the meeting in Hanoi will be a sucessful one.


Photos from the AAG meeting in DC

15/04/2010 13:25


Check out the photos here.

Click this LINK.


Invitation to join the AP HDR On Climate Change Disucssion

02/02/2010 14:51

I received an email today from the Asia-Pacific Human Development Network (AP-HDNet), Human Development Report Unit, United Nations Development Programme to be part of the discussion on Climate Change. This is indeed an honour and may be considered somewhat as recognition of my standing as a Geographer scholar in the area of climate change issues.


TV Interview on GMS

29/12/2009 10:04

I was interviewd on GMS again this morning on the impact of the COP15 (Cophenhagen Meeting) but I was felt rather perplexed as their was another  interviewee who was asked about the property market. Tried as I might, I could not understand why the two topics were put together in one segment. The only tenuous argument I could make was for more green buildings!!!




Hanoi 2009

20/12/2009 09:46

It has been almost a week since we returned from Hanoi. The experience was very enriching. What I was most happy about was the fact that the students actaully wrote on their facebook comments how much they missed the trip. This is an indication of how much they enjoyed the learning experiences. I shall be creating a sub page on this site to share some of their reflections - with their permission of course.


Birthday Surprise

14/11/2009 09:48

My PGDE class for Geography Teacher Trainnes sprung me a surprise birthday party this week. I was very happy indeed. What made me feel so good was not the fact that they baked their own cake, and went through so much trouble to put this party together but the fact that they treated me more than just a teacher. To them, I was a friend. It showed me that I have indeed gained much rapport with them and from their comments on a birthday blog they created for me, I knew that my teaching has reached another level. I was not just a trainer or instructor, but I was indeed a teacher... someone who cared and someone who is a friend to them.


Here are some interesting wishes they sent me.... just to share...


dear Dr Chang, 生日快乐!!!(you definitely dont look your age! no negative connotations intended!! aha) Its always a joy waking up on Mons and Thurs because we'll never have to worry about breakfast! and of course not to forget the regular dosage of fun and laughter ...and the inspiration and knowledge that we gain from the class. You've always given us much food for thought every lesson and that really keeps us thinking deeply about how we can apply what we've learnt in class to our future classes.

wishing u all the best for the future ahead. thanks for being such a wonderful teacher for our geog lessons. keep on grooming and influencing future student teachers to become thinking and passionate teachers!


You must be thinking, "I'm not a medical doctor doctor..."
To us, you probably ARE a 'pedagogical doctor' of sorts... That's after 10 weeks or more of:

1. injecting lots of humour and fun in class
2. prescribing us big ideas and concoctions of teaching pedagogies
3. advising us on classroom management skills
4. supervising us trainees as we performed assigned tasks
5. and, curing 15 of us from tummy growls at 830am in the morning

Have a blast today doctor!




My first baseball game

06/05/2009 21:18

I went to my first baseball game ever. Michael thought that my experience in DC, and USA in particular would not be complete if I had not gone for the game. I learnt the rules of the game within one game simply because it was an extremely eventful game. It did not complete after 11 innings and the score tied at 10-10. Washington Nationals was playing against Houston Astros and the rain forced the match to be postponed. The last I heard, they will finish off the game when Nationals visit the Astros in Houston. I must thank Michael for an all-rounded education.


Wet wet wet

03/05/2009 20:17

I spent most of the weekend indoors working on one paper and drying myself from the rain. I only managed to visit eastern market, library of congress, holocaust museum and a mall in Georgetown. Wet and cold, not suitable for tropical creature like me.


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