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Google is sustainable

26/09/2008 14:11 Check out this site.

Differentiated Instruction

23/09/2008 15:29
The class ended with a task for the trainees to comment on how the course has been run so far. They have to reflect on how the EUs, EQs, DI and performance tasks have been designed and practised. Let's see how it goes....   Quote of the day "A person who writes is a writer.... a person who...

Podcast on Teaching Physical Geography Thru Movies

18/09/2008 18:47

New Look-and-Feel to the website

12/09/2008 13:41
  Annoucning the new look and feel of the website to celebrate the first ever Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore in 2008. This revamp was also done as someone commented on how meek and weak the green and blue theme looked.

Map Reading thru IT

11/09/2008 18:11
At the end of the 2nd run of this course, I have learnt quite a few points: Provide an instructional manual even though the focus of the whole exercise was for hands-on activities. Perhaps I have over estimated the ease of using Gogole Earth. Build in some structure to ensure that...

Any Questions

02/09/2008 18:00
In an attempt to avoid having no questions at all, I ended today's session with an exercise in which everyone had to generate ONE question. I ended up with 14. Several important questions were raised but a main concern I heard was the need to reconcile the need to produce results (in relation to...

Teaching Map Reading Thru ICT

28/08/2008 17:27
I had a couple of teachers nodding off in my workshop today. I did this 3 hr professional development workshop for teachers on using google earth for map reading. It didn’t help that the teachers cam after a full day at school. But two people started nodding off when i was explaining the rationale...

First lesson with this batch of PGDEs

26/08/2008 22:00
I feel great! It was a very engaged session. Maybe a couple of them felt sleepy at some point but by and large we had a very engaged conversation about the "who" are the learners in this course. Off hand I can remember a few characters who left an impression. I shall use pseudonyms here... Bee Bee...

I have learned not to ask any questions

26/08/2008 17:30
Can you imagine the horror when I heard "I have learnt not to ask any questions", as I asked my PGDE trainee teachers to tell me in turn what they have learnt for that session! But I misunderstood, the teacher meant "I have learnt not to ask 'Any Questions?'". She meant that she has learnt not to...

Speaking at the Science Center

25/08/2008 12:40
The session last Saturday went very well. Despite heavy rainfall and a rather chilly morning, a good 50 people or so attended the public forum on Climate Change. Most of them were Biology students from NIE but there were definitely non-teachers and non-teacher trainees among the audience. The...

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