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Talk at TICE Eco Camp 2009 on 12 June 2009

24/03/2009 16:26
I been invited to give a talk on Climate Change at the Tertiary Institutions Council for the Environment (TICE) Eco Camp 2009. The theme is "The reefs, the sea stars and the sotongs. TICE Eco Camp is organized annually by member institutions (NUS, NTU, NIE, SMU and the five polytechnics) of...

Study trip to USA

24/03/2009 16:23
From 6 April onwards I will be travelling to Texas A&M Univeristy and then on to Washiongton DC. I can still be contactable by email but the response will be slow. I will be back in the office on 20 May 2009.

New Social Network for Geography Educators launched

19/02/2009 21:55 Check it out..... be part of this growing community.

Interview on Australia Bush Fires and Singapore Bush Fires

14/02/2009 12:47
 Dr. Chang will appear on Good Morning Singapore (Channel 8) to be interviewed on the recent bush fires in Australia.

New COURSE: Alternative Assessment in Geography

29/01/2009 22:13
A new Professional Development course on Alternative Assessment in Geogaphy was launched today. Access the materials here.

Survey on the role of Social Networking software (Facebook) on teaching Geography

24/11/2008 22:38
Please help me complete this survey if you are a Geography Teacher. Thanks a million.   CLICK HERE  

Talk on Innovation, Discovery & Enterprise 2.0

06/11/2008 07:17
I'll be giving a talk at River Valley High School on 6 Nov 2008 on Innovation, Discovery and Enterprise. The talk is focused around Web 2.0 and the concept of disruptive innovations. Here is a preview of the slides:  

Kranji Countryside - new routes for Geography Fieldtrips

20/10/2008 12:41
I spent the entire morning on Saturday 18 October 2008 driving around Kranji, Lim Chu Kang and Neo Tiew Road. The new D'Kranji farmstay resort has started operations but is not due for its grand opening till 15 November 2008. As part of my innate interest for the field, I decided to trael around...

Feel-trips and our senses

12/10/2008 14:40
When asked by Guoyong if everything can be taught by framing it around big ideas, I launched into a long discourse on how big ideas can generally help us frame "What to teach". I cautioned that an over-dependence may not really be a good idea though. The conversation drifted to my strong...

Impact or Impacts

28/09/2008 11:45
Several weeks ago, I had a conversation with Pat. She argued that "impact" is an uncountable noun, and that people have been abusing the verb form "impacts" even in textbooks and scientific literature. I argued that words are invented and re-invented even as we speak but I must admit that to say...

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