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Dinner with the Bednarzes

23/04/2009 02:22
This was a kinda farewell dinner with Sarah and Bob Bednarz. I thanked them for being such wonderful hosts. On to DC on Saturday! More news then.

Drive to San Marcos

20/04/2009 20:21
Today I had a very long drive to San Marcos. Met Dr Richard Boehm, Dr Osvaldo Muiz and Ms Waverly Ray. There was a very fruitful discussion and I might have convinced GCGE to sponsor some people to the Hanoi 2010 meet

Photos at Texas A&M

16/04/2009 23:08
If you would like to view some photos taken at Texas A&M over the last week. You can click here.

Teaching at A&M High

15/04/2009 22:55
I had a very tiring day today I taught periods 1,3,4 and 5 for a total of 4 periods. Debbie Lange, Zandy Putsay, Debbi Robertson and Chris Diem's classes came in and I told them about Singapore. I framed the lesson around "How did Singapore develop and prosper despite the differences in the...

Texas A&M Consolidated High School

14/04/2009 22:54
I observed 4 classes today and will teach 4 classes tomorrow at the Texas A&M consolidated high school. All the classes were grade 10 classes, except for one which is the Advance Placement class for Human Geography. Unfortunately this was their TAKS week. Which means, they were all going...


14/04/2009 04:53
Today I had conversations with two Geography Graduate students. I interviewed one of them on the role of Professional Development in Geography Education here in Texas. The insights he provided were useful. Of particular note is his comment on the need for collaboration among teachers. Teachers...

Farmer's Market at TAMU

10/04/2009 03:05
Walked out to lunch with Sarah like I did yesterday and we were supposed to see student protest at the university center but there was no sign of any student gathering at all. However, I saw a very interesting farmer's market. That's wherwe I got the strawberries.

Graduate Seminar on ICT use in Geography Education, Singapore

09/04/2009 00:15
Graduate Seminar at Texas A&M tomorrow 9 April 2009, 3.45 pm at Room 202 O&M Building Department of Geography Texas A&M University.

Attending Dissertation Proposal Defense

09/04/2009 00:13
Sarah invited me to Aya's PhD Dissertation Proposal defense this morning. Her topic is on Senior Citizens' Travel Behaviour in Yao City, Osaka, Japan. After hearing about the Dissertation Committee system in the US for many years, I finally got to see and experience one in action. Still preparing...

Thinking about Professional Development in Geography

24/03/2009 16:35
I have been thinking about how professional development for Geography teachers can be enahnced. This is also in line with one of the goals of my study trip. So I posted an online survey on polldaddy at The questions asked...

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