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Interview on Good Morning Singapore (Mediacorp 8)

11/08/2009 10:36
Dr. Chang was intereviewed today on Channel 8. Watch the video here:  

My first baseball game

06/05/2009 21:18
I went to my first baseball game ever. Michael thought that my experience in DC, and USA in particular would not be complete if I had not gone for the game. I learnt the rules of the game within one game simply because it was an extremely eventful game. It did not complete after 11 innings and...

Wet wet wet

03/05/2009 20:17
I spent most of the weekend indoors working on one paper and drying myself from the rain. I only managed to visit eastern market, library of congress, holocaust museum and a mall in Georgetown. Wet and cold, not suitable for tropical creature like me.  

Blunders of technology

01/05/2009 23:17
The teleconferencing call had a bad start as internet connection on skype was not as smooth as we had hoped. Phil Klein could hear us but had to type responses throughout the meeting. It was a long meeting which ended way past my usual lunch time. The wait at the café was equally long but...

Presentation at AAG

30/04/2009 23:16
Today’s presentation was well received. No one fell asleep… that’s an indication. But the best part of the presentation was the questions from the floor. I discovered that the AAG’s outreach to Geographical Education and the use of ICT faces the same issues that we face in Singapore as well....

Photos from Washington DC

29/04/2009 08:09
You can view the photos from the following two albums: Album 1: Washington DC Part 1 Album 2: Washington DC Part 2 Album 3: Washington DC Part 3 Album 4: Washington DC Part 4 Album 5: My first baseball game

A chat with Matt Hamilton, Developing Regions Membership Program Coordinator

29/04/2009 07:57
It's day 2 at the AAG and I have settled in. I work from Michael Solem's office conference table. AAG staff are situated in a very cosy building on 16th Street NW with 3 storeys, a basement and an attic. The pantry is in the basement where Michael and I have been having lunch for the last couple of...

First few days at AAG

28/04/2009 23:15
Michael and I had a long lunch discussion today on the questions raised by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant application that we have submitted to collaborate on organizing a 3 day workshop in Singapore. In general, the questions raised were more logistical in nature than academic. We...

Reflecting on the Texas A&M trip

24/04/2009 20:00
Mission accomplished. I've just come back from dinner with the Geography Department staff and graduate students. Tonight they were celebrating Nickki's successful proposal defense. Sarah and Bob were such good hosts. During my stay I was able to understand more about the University education...

Seminar on ICT in Geography Education at the AAG

24/04/2009 02:24
When: Thursday 30 April Where: AAG Office, Washington DC What: Seminar on ICT in Geogrpahy Education - Introducing my work to AAG staff

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