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Attending the AAG 2010 Washington DC Meeting

06/04/2010 13:23
Dr. Chang Chew Hung is attending the 2010 Washington DC meeting from 13 to 18 April. He will be back in the office on 20th April. Keep a look out for postings on the blog.


22/03/2010 17:08
Your classes are interactive and he is able to stimulate thinking. Shows passion and generate more interest about the subject in me.

Invitation to join the AP HDR On Climate Change Disucssion

02/02/2010 14:51
I received an email today from the Asia-Pacific Human Development Network (AP-HDNet), Human Development Report Unit, United Nations Development Programme to be part of the discussion on Climate Change. This is indeed an honour and may be considered somewhat as recognition of my standing as a...

Interview on FOCUS 《焦点》 on MediaCorp Channel 8 on 14 January 2010

13/01/2010 11:12
Interviewed on FOCUS 《焦点》 on MediaCorp Channel 8 on 14 January 2010 about the Arctic Oscillation and the abnormal low tempeartures in the winter of 2009/2010. Keep a lookout... the show is also repeated on Saturday and Monday.

New social network site for AAG233 created

08/01/2010 09:44
Visit Climate and Climate Change

TV Interview on GMS

29/12/2009 10:04
I was interviewd on GMS again this morning on the impact of the COP15 (Cophenhagen Meeting) but I was felt rather perplexed as their was another  interviewee who was asked about the property market. Tried as I might, I could not understand why the two topics were put together in one segment....

Appearance on Good Morning Singapore 29 Dec 2009

28/12/2009 09:52
On interview about my views on the Copenhagen Conference

Hanoi 2009

20/12/2009 09:46
It has been almost a week since we returned from Hanoi. The experience was very enriching. What I was most happy about was the fact that the students actaully wrote on their facebook comments how much they missed the trip. This is an indication of how much they enjoyed the learning experiences. I...

Birthday Surprise

14/11/2009 09:48
My PGDE class for Geography Teacher Trainnes sprung me a surprise birthday party this week. I was very happy indeed. What made me feel so good was not the fact that they baked their own cake, and went through so much trouble to put this party together but the fact that they treated me more than...

S4 Geography Teachers' Sharing Session

22/10/2009 08:28
S4 Geography Teachers' Sharing Session on The value of Geography in the 21st Century Date :   22 October (Thu) Time:   1500 h Venue:   Outram Sec Sch Library

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