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Workshop on Questioning

22/03/2011 14:49
 I'll be conducting a workshop on Questioning for Humanities Teachers on 30 March 2011 at JJC. However this is a closed door session. If you are interested to have a similar workshop in your school, please email me for a discussion.

Project start

05/01/2011 13:26
 The project started on 30 April 2011. 

Roundup of Natural Disasters in 2010

14/12/2010 12:51
Dr. Chang has been interviewed on TV. Look out for the interview on Natural Disasaters in 2010. The programme will be on FOCUS this Thursday 16 December 2010 at 2230 hrs on MediaCorp Channel 8.

Tagboard feature added.

14/12/2010 10:28
A new tag board has been added to this webpage. Hi. This tag board is created fro me to interact with my visitors to my page. Please leave me a comment or messgae if you like. You will need to use the control box on the rightmost colum on this page to key in your short messages. It is really simple...

Climate Change Education

03/12/2010 12:14
 Please do this survey if you are a singapore teacher. I am conducting a preliminary scan of teachers' perception on climate change education in Singapore. Please note the consent statements in the survey. Many thanks.  

Less than 24 hr

20/11/2010 13:09
It's less than 24 hr to the conference trip and things are looking good.

Off to SEAGA 2010

19/11/2010 08:38
I will be out of town for the conference until 27 Nov. You may want to read about the conference on the blog.

Read my article on preparing for storms!

20/10/2010 11:17
With Mega typhoon Megi landfall in Asia, maybe it is time to read the article I just published on preparing for storms....  HERE  

Super Typhoon Videos

20/10/2010 11:05  

Typhoon Megi/Juan

20/10/2010 10:56
Over the last weekend, there was a light haze over Singapore so my friends asked me why this was so. I took my god-brother's ipad and looked up the MSS haze monitoring website and showed them the hotspots. One of them who was planning to travel to Hong Kong this week, pointed out to a tropical...

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