ABM005: Introduction to ICT

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Day 1
  • Liked the idea of using the watch dedign to learn about the principles of instructional design
  • Learned the W & 2 H of instruction: What to teach; How to teach; How do I know they have learnt.
  • Learned that visual design can alter the appearence of powerpoint slides dramatically.


Day 2
  • How to create a webpage with PowerPoint
  • Learnt about visual design in Powerpoint slide
  • The colours make a difference
  • Learnt how to look for other information from other sources such as google images.
  • Considerations for having good presentation.
  • We should also take into consideration who the audience is.
  • Pay attention to small detials like font size, etc. and not just to focus on content.
  • Need to simplify and make "short and sharp statements"
  • How to insert images from firefox - made simple - by drag and drop.
  • Minimize colours andalso to use pictures.
  • Use of background to attract audience.
  • Learnt about hyperlink (need to learn iin details)
  • Learnt about CARP
  • Searching of Images - something new.
  • There is a need to conmpress pictures.
  • Still struggling to come up with a good pweorpoint presentation.
  • Learnt how to enhance by conten, fonts and colours.
  • How and when to use bullets.
  • Learnt to shorten sentences to 6*6
  • Learnt to use transition as and when necessary
  • Still want to find out more what to do with the webpage saved from powerpoint
  • Learnt that you used powerpoint the "wrong way" in the past.
  • Relearned typography.
  • Animnation is a double edged swords - be cautious when using it
  • Using powerpoint to enhance learning by highlighting, etc.
  • Do not use italics.


Day 3

Learnt that various dimensions to make PP more interesteing

Web based learning is quite fun

Make simple videso seem to be seamless and fun

Open up avenue for making instructional role more interesting.

Learnt to create blog, use movie maker, re-learned PP, slideshare, re-learned more tools on photoshop, bubbl & hot potatoes.

Creating a website, photoshop editing, using appropriate tools for PP, Mind-mapping - I won't draw on a pieve of paper now.

I shuold get myself updated.

I've learned from others in the class that I can use pictures instead of words.

Learnt- Weebly.

Using I tools for assessment.

Learnt to design simple training materials.

I have learnt to make PP slides in half an hour

Sharing mind-mapping using Bubbl.; online

Learned Photstory 3

I wish to share with my students the web page activities

I have learnt that I can enhance materials in Photoshop for instruction

I can share the use of Weebly with my friends.

Movie maker can be very useful for consolidation of ideas.

What , How and How to Evaluate is the key thing that we need to bear in mind before we start anything.

Simple tools lowers the inertia to try new things in IT

Learned many websites.These will be useful for me as I will know roughly where to look for it.

Use technology to illustrate what poitn we want to bring across. Many tools can be used from internet.

All the tools are all free. We must explore more and need more practice.

Few software that we have learnt - things are easier now. If i can make a trainee live their life in the virtual world too.

Allows trainees to pose questions on the web.

If IT don't enhance learning, don't use it

Power of information sharing. Learning by doing.

Increase my awareness for using IT to enhance teaching.

I think have become above-average.

I have learnt that I must create an account before I can sign in to that account.





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